Monday, 12 January 2015

2014 Recap and New Year Resolutions

It’s January the 12th, so why am I doing my New Year resolutions, just now?  Well, I’m one of these  forever late type of person *shrug*. Yes, I said it. Anyway, before talking about the future, let's rewind the past.

So, 2014. On the 16 of January 2014, I wrote my first post on The Vault 21 ( it was my blog's previous name). Really, it wasn’t much of a post. At that time, I didn’t know what to say, so I wrote something along the life of: “Hi all, my name is Carla Wynker. Enjoy:)”. Yes, I know pretty pathetic. You must I guessed, that my first post received a well deserved editing sweep.

I didn’t start properly blogging before the 30th March. I can’t remember why, but on that day I posted no less than 4 book reviews. I must have been into some sort of hurry or maybe (and most likely, I was ridiculously clueless about blogging, lol).

Over the months, the way I wrote my posts and my blog design changed. By changed, I truly mean improved. I think I must have changed my design 5 or 6 times. I was just not satisfied, until now. I’m definitely not a CSS expert, but with all the tweaking I’ve done on my blog, now I know the basics, or at least I know how to not mess with my template completely!

Blogging has been so far an amazing experience. Exchanging with people, meeting new bloggers and participating in tags has been so much fun. The blogging world has become such an important part of my life, sometimes, I wonder how I could have gone for so long without blogging or reading blogs. I might sound a bit extreme, but that’s how I feel. I’m glad to have met you all guys! And I thanks all those who read and comment my posts! It means a lot to me.

Apart from blogging, my life in general has been pretty good in 2014. I passed the second year of my journalism course. I’m now a third year student, a veteran of university , lol. I feel a bit weird about that, because at times, it truly feels like I started uni just a week ago. Seriously, I remember my first uni day like it was yesterday. In any case, I can’t wait to graduate!! I’m so over my journalism course, you guys have no idea.

When every week you wonder which class you absolutely need to attend and which you can skip without any consequence, that’s when you know you’re fed up with everything university related, lol.

I still have no idea what I’m going to do with my life, but I guess most 20-year-old haven’t figured their life purpose, so I’m not too worried.

Oh and in 2014, I read more books than I had ever read in my entire life! Isn't that cool?

Standout Books in 2014:

- Dawn by Octavia Butler
All I will say about this one, is that you NEED to take a look at it. Whether you're into science fiction or not, Dawn is one of these book that you should absolutly have in your TBR list.

-The Young Elite by Marie Lu
This book was the BOMB. Those who haven’t read it, you must read this book NOW. It’s fantabulastic, lol. Those who have read it, I think we should start a discussion on “How will Marie Lu bring Enzo back?” I mean, am I the only one who fangirled over him? He had so much charisma. Everytime he was on the page, my heart pulsed just that little bit faster. I was shaken and choked by what happened to him.

-The Royal Succession by Maurice Druon¨
The Royal Succession is the fourth book in the Accursed King series. This book gave me everything I adore in my fiction, twisted royalty, suspence and intriguing characters. If you love historical fiction and political intrigue, this series is without a doubt for you.

- Sins of Sovereignty by Plague Jack
This book was the debut novel of author Plague Jack. It wasn't perfect, but I loved it nonetheless. I was totally invested in the story and the world.

My Resolutions/Goals for 2015:

- Read even more books than in 2014

- Have a posting schedule. I want to post twice a week, on Tuesday, a review and on Friday a discussion post. Realistically, this will probably won't last more than a week or two. But I'm an optimistic at heart, so I'll pretend to believe that I'll be able to apply this regularly.

- Become good at applying make-up. I specially want to master the art of contouring my face and winged eyeliner. I'm so envious of the Kardashians, their make-up is always flawless and on top of that they're all gorgeous. I swear life is not fair. In 2015, I want my make-up to look almost as good as theirs. I have a lot of work on my hand since I'm like the clumsiest girl on Earth. I've watched videos after videos on how to do winged eyeliner, and yet, I still can't do this look (I have two left hands). If anyone went from poorly skilled at doing make-up to good, he should feel free to give me some advices.

- Have flawless skin. Me and acne started our relation 11 years ago. Do you realize how long is 11 years in a life barely 20 years-old? My skin has always been a roller-coaster. Sometimes, it decides to look good, pimple-less and sort of even and other times, it throws a tamtrum, and all hell break loose. Therefore, in October last year, I decided to step up and take control. My skin is still far from being perfect, but it's in a much better condition than it used to be. In 2015, I want to go a level higher and have skin as smooth and flawless as porcelain, lol. I may talk in more detail about my skin journey and current skincare in a couple of weeks.

- Complete more chapters from my book. Okay, I need to explain this one. You know how some people set some crazy challenge, like participate in a 42 km marathon, climb a super high montain, travel the world using a scooter and you're like why do they do that?! Well, writing a novel is my crazy challenge. I'm not a writer, never claimed to be one and will never claim to be one, yet since 2010, I've been seriously considering trying (that's the key word) to write a book. It took me almost two years, but at the end of 2014, I had a clear plot and storyline in my head. This is why in 2015, I want to write as many chapters as I can. I may talk about this project in more details if I ever feel less embarassed by it, lol.

- Graduate from uni. Even thought this is in the last position of my New Year resolutions list, graduate from uni is actually my Number ONE goal in 2015. I seriously don't want  to fail any of my module.

By the way, there's going to be some change in the current of this week on A French Girl On The Road. I'm going to change my address URL. There are two main reasons for that:

 - My blog isn't named The Carla Diaries anymore


- I want to type under my real name now which is Sarah. And it wouldn't make sense to have an address URL called The Carla Diaries if your name isn't Carla, lol.

So, what are your goal for 2015 guys? What things would you like to improve about yourself? How did you feel about 2014? Tell me everything :)


  1. I'll have to get used to saying 'Hi Sarah!' instead of 'Hi Carla!' now! The blog changes make sense. 'Carla Wynker's a nice pseudonym. Where did it come from? (Ashana Lian is my pseudonym, although 'Ashana' does sound very close to my name.) I'm sitting here trying to figure out my life's purpose at this very moment. I'm about to switch jobs and I want to switch to something that will give me skills in the career I want.

    I think a lot of bloggers are unsure exactly what to expect from their blog and what to put into it. I started blogging because I said something to say, but it took me months before I got into the swing of things. I'm glad I came across your blog as well! I'll do my best to visit more often. There are so many blogs I adore but sometimes I'm too tired after work to do anything but schedule my own post and fall asleep.

    My skin always takes ages to heal as well. I have a lot of old scars. Sometimes I actively try to get my skin flawless or at least smoother, and sometimes I just give up. I know there are many things you can use to help acne scars though, I heard Bio Oil is supposed to be amazing. You have to apply it every day for 6 months or something??! O_O I hope you achieve your goals this year. I will get round to your Throne Of Glass post ASAP!!

    I felt good about 2014, I guess. I upped my reading, which I'm really pleased about. And my blog improved a lot, which was great. But my life in general collapsed last year and I became really depressed. I'm going to throw myself into reading challenges (< here's a link for the 3 I'm hosting this year. One's a Fantasy Challenge you might like!) That's one of my main goals. My other goals are about my health and learning new skills.

    Great post! Best of luck for 2015.

    1. Hi there! I think pretty much everybody whether young or old are trying to find their way in life. Have you ever used clay mask for your face? They are pretty good and truly help for cleaning the face and removing spot. The Astek healing clay mask and Origins charcoal mask are especially good. Also Lush have nice products.

      I know skin trouble can be so frustrating. So many times, I feel like "You know what, my skin is always gonna be a mess so I might as well just give up". I always end up trying though, lol.

      Lol, yeah Throne Of Glass. I think if you're able to do things that makes you happy, you depression might lessen. I hope 2015 is going to be an amazing year for you, too!

  2. Ah I was kind of attached to Carla, Sarah! Is that weird, lol? Don't worry, it'll be a new learning experience for me, that's all!

    I'm so glad that you had so much fun blogging in 2014! It's been a pleasure getting to know you as well. I honestly think that that's the best part about blogging, tbh. The interactions--I wouldn't trade them for the world. I've made some AMAZING friends.

    My goal for 2014 is to put on my makeup faster. I'm so anal about details sometimes but I need to go quicker, especially when I wake up late for work!

    1. Lol, I guess you were used to Carla! Oh, I need to learn that too! I always take ages to put on make-up, even when I try to hurry, I'm always end up being as slow as a snail!

      I'm glad I've got to know you too. And I love reading My Reading Dress!

  3. I relate to so much of what you've written here! My time at uni seemed to fly by so fast as well, and I still can't quite get used to the fact I'm not a student anymore (and I finished uni way back in May)! I have no idea what I want to do yet either, so hopefully we'll both figure it out soon!
    These are some great resolutions by the way! I've been trying out a posting schedule too (and so far failing, if I'm honest!), and have been on a quest for flawless skin myself for a while now. I have problems with acne too, and I tend to get very dry skin, so I have been trying to get better with make-up and have a bit more of a skin care routine. I'm also trying to write a novel as well. I started it for NaNoWriMo 2014, and haven't really done much with it since, so I want to start working on it properly again.
    Good luck with your goals, and especially with graduating, and I'm sure I'll get used to thinking of you as Sarah instead of Carla!

  4. Thanks you!! It does feel weird to not be a student anymore, doesn't it? To be honest, even though I can't wait to graduate, I'm always a little bit scared of after-graduation because I've got no plans. The struggle to get flawless skin is so real! I really envy people with naturally blemish free skin.od, They don't know how lucky they are, lol. My skin is very oily, I often wish I had dry skin instead. You have no idea how hard it is to find a good anti-shine primer! If I don't have a good anti-shine primer and I'm wearing foundation, I end up looking like an oily light bulb, lol. G Good Luck with your novel!


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